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Professional email for your business 30GB of online storage, file sharing, Google Calendar, Video Conference, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google+, Google Sheets, Google Slides and more. Built for business, designed for teams.
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Google Apps for Work

Demeter ICT Company Limited, the service providers of Google Apps for Work (appointed as a Premier SMB Reseller in Thailand), Web Hosting, IT Consulting and Customized Application Programming. We are currently servicing more than 2,000 business customers in Thailand. Interested in our services or any inquiry, please do not hesitate to...

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Google Apps for Work with Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Work Unlimited are two Google Apps services provided by Google to help businesses worldwide. Using best Email service by Gmail, powerful Google Doc, Google Drive and Hangout to help businesses running at its best. Use your own domain ( to contact with your customers. Google Apps, ranked with highest security, is running on Google Cloud.  Google Apps is application with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google. Drive and Google Sites, through your own domain name through a Web Browser or application on mobile with the Internet. you can use the full Google Apps just have internet connection.

Google Apps Business Thailand, Google Apps for Work Thailand

Google Apps Business Thailand

Using the email system to Google Apps Business email access anywhere, anytime.

You have free Google Apps can run on any computer or mobile device. You can use the Internet. Do not miss a contact.

Using Google Apps Business email system to work quickly and save time.

Google Apps is designed to make work more efficient. With space to store 30 GB which can store a large e-mail and you don't need to delete email. Google Apps comes with system search. Google is one of the system search . In addition, there are systems which have the filter email is easier to manage.
Google Apps Business email system to communicate with other people.
Mailbox store will not be the only email. It can connect with each other by sending messages (Chat), video (VDO) and mobile messaging (SMS) allows you to see who's online can connect to discuss. by the mailbox does not have a message store only.
Using the email system Google Apps Business for translate email message.
Sometimes we may be contact our customer with international . May be that we do not understand for languages our customer. Just one click Google Apps Business can translate messages for you. So do not need the headache of searching dictionary.

Using Google Apps Business email system to schedule appointments.

Manage your day with Calendar (Google Apps Calendar) events can get notifications on your phone or in your inbox, you can share calendars with colleagues, appointments so you can see and to create an event that you should do in your calendar with to reduce errors in work.

Google Apps Business email applications to alerts.

Custom notified in your inbox or on your mobile phone. Which has all the details about all the appointments.
Google Apps Business Reseller

Google Apps Calendar on mobile.

Sync calendar on the phone is as popular as Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile with Google Calendar or access your calendar from any device or access web from browser.
Google Apps Business Reseller

Your documents make on Google Drive will be backup anytime.

As you work all your important data will be backup data. automatically on Google's servers, if accident your computer or stolen. You don't worry about your document files. You can download documents or files stored on Google Drive in a few seconds.

Google Apps Business is strong encryption and authentication data.

Google Apps use layer extra of security with authentication. This reduces the risk of hackers stealing your user name and password. Also, encryption via SSL usage browser. This will help protect your data between your browser and Google Apps.

Google Apps Thai

Google Apps Thai Mail
Send and receive email upto 2,000 messages a day
Google Apps Thai Calendar
Create and share your calendar
Google Apps Thai Drive
Keep and share data
Google Apps Thai Docs
Create and share online documents
Google Apps Thai Sheets
Create Spreadsheet  (Excel)
Google Apps Thai Slides
Create New  Presentation
Google Apps Thai Sites
Google Apps Thai Groups
Online Group
Google Apps Thai Contacts
Google Apps Thai Search
Search Everything
Google Apps Thai Google+
Online Social Network
Google Apps Thai Hangouts
Chat on Hangouts VDO


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