G Suite Training for Google Admin Certificate : New event from Demeter ICT!

Updated: 15.11.2016 : 01:46  By: Nutthawadee


Hello to all members DEMETER ICT

There is G Suite admin training Activities for people who want the Admin Certificate of Google to optimize your organization to use the G Suite.



What is Admin Certificate examination of Google?
     Admin Certificate examination enhance the use of G Suite for organizations to be more effective.when you passed the exam,you will receive a certificate from Google to confirm that you are learning and exam G Suite Admin meet the criteria of Google is completed.


What is about benefits of Admin Certificate examinations of Google?
     It is a program from Google that allow people have the opportunity to measure themselves with the knowledge of G Suite Admin exam. While you do the test ,you have to turn on camera all the time to make a record that really test yourself.
     Thus, the Admin Certificate examination consider a self-test and enhance the ability of the administrator to make the most of the G Suite on the way through, then Google will grant you diploma with google logo  to confirm that you have passed Admin Certificate examination
     Now we have a special event only for customers with a Demeter ICT in organizing training courses for the Training Admin Certificate specifically to empower yourself and your company. This is a tutorial closely with teachers.Thanking our customers trust and use G Suite with Demeter ICT. We offer you GIFT VOUCHER 2,000 baht
More information :  Tel. 02-675-9371, 097-008-6314, 095-896-5507 (Sale)


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