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 Custom Login Page

Custom login page for Google Apps for Work
As a Google Apps Admin one does not have much control over the login page of the business email(gmail). SSO1 (gControl) provides the ability to make custom login page for your organization by inserting your own HTML code. This give the google apps admin freedom to make custom login page suiting the design and style conducive for the organization

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A Brief about SSO1 (gControl)'s custom Login page:
SSO1 (gControl) allows the the Google Apps Admin to quickly and completely take the control of the Google Apps 'Login Page' and also provides immense control over the user's access to Google Apps. . It provides the ability to put customized HTML code giving the company the provision to customize and brand their Google Apps for work.

Every employee logs in to Google Apps at least once in a day and this make the whole idea more attractive that all the right public messages to the employee can be presented using this Login Page.

" Don't worry it's not that you do not have options to change the login page. There are a ways to customize."

Let's have a Brief about its functioning:
Once you have installed SSO1 (gControl) the google apps admin has to login into the SSO1 (gControl) dashboard . Click on login feature on the left pane and then to login page to make changes for Google Apps for business.

You can customize the user login page in two ways

By using default login page SSO1 (gControl) providers or
Design your own customized login page by building your own code using HTML or any HTML designer.
SSO1 (gControl) adds more flair and color to your home page which all the users will visit rather than the dull default Google Login Page
If you think SSO1 (gControl) is just for customizing your Google apps login page, wait wait there are other features too which provide more functionality and control Google apps for your organization.


Custom Login Page for Google Apps
Landing Page to redirect a portal on Google Sites which can be your intranet portal.
Provides a flexibility to do a complete branding of the Login Page.

FAQ of Custom Login Page for Google Apps
How can I use Custom Login Page feature?
If you want to create a customised login page for your company,

Select YES as an answer to Do you want to use customised login page? You can design one in HTML and paste the code in the text box provided on the feature page. Else If you want to use default login page provided by CloudCodes, you can select NO and choose from the templates given on the policy page. Click SAVE to save the settings.


 Landing Page

Unique Landing Pages for business Emails.
We often require our employees to visit the organizational intranet portal to know about corporate updates, news and events. It is in fact essential for employees to be updated about the latest events at work.

However a very hectic schedule and work pressure often prevents employees from checking the company intranet portal  or similar landing pages in business emails to know about latest developements at work and in the industry domain.

Since every employee logs into their office email at least once a day. Integrating the organizational Intranet Portal or creating landing pages in form of google drives or google Slides can help redirecting employees to a particular page or website that the management wants the employee or a particular organizational unit to view.

CloudCodes offers a very attractive feature with their custom login page  called 'Landing Pages' which helps the google apps admin to create landing pages for their business email users.  These landing pages can be anything ranging from Google Drives / Google Slides or Intranet Portal created using Google Sites.

Google Apps for work admin can add videos, work updates, recent events, awareness campaigns or helpline updates for the employees to view and take advantage of.

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A brief about the working of SSO1 (gControl) Landing page
Once the employee logs into the business email of the company he/she get immediately redirected to the company landing page ( Intranet portal/ Google Drive/ Google slides) .
The setting of the SSO1 (gControl) Landing Pages are set in such a manner that the employee is bound to read the text ( Important text that is meant to be read) and can proceed into checking emails only after clicking ok.
Employees will be automatically logged out of the business email if they opt on clicking 'cancel' button on the landing page.
This ensures that the information that is intended to reach the employee or a particular organizational unit has reach them .
The process of integrating SSO1 (gControl) landing pages is quite simple. All it need is to add the URL to which the Google Apps Admin intends to re direct the employee after logging into the business email.

FAQ of Unique Landing Pages for business Emails.
What URLs can be kept as landing page?
Any Google page like Google Drive, Google Calendar or Portal of your organization created with Google Sites portal can be set as a landing page.

 Login Boardcast

Corporate Message Broadcast for Google Apps
Corporate text advertisement is very crucial given the increased number of employees in each organizational unit and the organization in a whole.

As a business unit we are sure that at times you want to display certain messages to the entire organization or to certain selected organization units. The most convenient way of reaching out to all your employee is through broadcast message for business emails on Google apps (Gmail security).

Employees log into their business emails (corporate emails) minimum once a day. This is when it presents the opportunity to grab their attention and make sure that the intended message reaches the employee or particular unit of employees.

The message broadcast feature of SSO1 (gControl) underwent a some enhancements with our new release for Cloud based applications.

The new enhancements gives additional control to the google apps admin to set an age and frequency of display to the broadcast message.

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Operational Brief on Message Broadcast:
Broadcast message is a very interactive way of communicating a message of importance to all the employees of an organization or to a particular organizational unit.
SSO1 (gControl) gives you the right to set up broadcast messages for the entire company or selected organizational units.
Every employee logs into their business email at least once a day and this provides a tremendous opportunity for the google apps admin to gather their attention for a particular news or broadcast that the organization intends to convey.
Message Broadcasting feature of SSO1 (gControl) helps the google apps admin to set up a broadcast message that is intended for the organization's staff.
On logging into the corporate emails the message will be displayed on the screen and the employee can move into their  business emails only after reading the message .
Such Broadcast message ensures that every piece of information that is intended to be conveyed reaches the audience and they are bound to read them with no scope for ignoring. Such a platform makes one way conversation very convenient for an organization and it also triggers employee response and attentiveness..

FAQ of Corporate Message Broadcasting for Google Apps
What is the difference between Agreement and Landing Broadcast?
Agreement feature enables administrator to enforce the terms and conditions of the organization on users.

 User Agreement

Email agreement policy for business emails (Gmail Security)
When a new employee or staff joins your organization he/she gets bound by some corporate terms and conditions that are applied with your organization.

SSO1 (gControl) provides you with the one time agreement policy signing option for all your new employees once they join your organization .

make your employees abide by the rules and regulation of your organization by signing the corporate terms and conditions on logging in with their business email for the first time. This feature helps you increase you email security  (gmail security).

Every employee on joining the organization logs into their corporate email ( business email for work) . As a Google apps Admin you can set the gmail agreement policy along with the email so that when the new employee logs in he/she signs the digital agreement in one step .

Signing the digital agreement complies the employee to the corporate terms and conditions of your organization with email agreement, making life easier for both you and the new addition to your organization.

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A brief into the email agreement policy
Custom made corporate agreement policy to help abiding the new joining with the terms and condition of the organization with digital signature.
Every new employee logs into the corporate email account (Google Apps Account) on joining the organization
This gives a brilliant opportunity to have the the company agreement policy between the organization and the employee be signed.
SSO1 (gControl) helps in designing and integrating this agreement policy with Google Application and aids in the process of signing corporate agreement between the employee and the organization.
At CloudCodes we understand that maintaining an organization and supervising hundreds of users on Google Application is quite a challenge for the google apps administrator. So we have designed multiple business email (google Application) Login features to give you a holistic package for google applications.

FAQ of Email agreement policy for business emails
Does agreement appears on every login
No .

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