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Windows โฮสติ้ง

Windows Hosting Windows Server 2003 operating system can support all languages ​​including HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, C #, VB.NET, WML and XML, and database support for MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL can handle. database through the Control Panel and can support applications that use Open Source. be suitable for the beginner web site. and medium website . Cover of languages ​​and components.

Hosting company use powerful and high speed servers provide access to customer sites simultaneously and quickly. There are a limited number of sites on one server accordingly. Data is collected daily (Daily Backup). If there is data loss. Inevitably cause damage to the organization, of course, the company would give priority to customer data very seriously, so if the data is lost, the company will bring it back for work as soon as possible.

Pricing Windows Hosting

Pricing Windows Hosting

NOTE the order of 10% over two years to reduce the Plan. Please Click Contact for Orders and inquiries.