10 Tips for Managing Google App

Updated: 31.05.2016 : 12:05  By: Thitiporn

   As administrator of the Google Apps account, you will enjoy the service management of users from the cloud in new ways. It's simple, just add the user to your account. Enable email And allow users to start using the service, but Google App will allow you to control user data and security recommended that you should not miss. Here are some important tips to manage Google Apps for your organization.



1. Add user and management services in the administrative console. Google

   To provide corporate users start using Google App, you need to add users to your account. You can do this from any computer. Or even your mobile device. Using the administrative console. Google in the web browser. Go to admin.google.com and sign in with the username and password of an administrator, you can also use the administrative console to manage the service user's passwords and other information. For all your accounts

2. Add a layer of privacy and security

     Google App security features several important. Which is designed to make the information that you have stored in our systems secure is also recommended that you follow best practices for security for security to the next level as the 2-step verification. to increase the security level of the password. And anti-counterfeiting measures to fight abuse email security.

3. The access control features and user's

    Startup. Most services will be activated for all users. You can use the administrative console to turn off services you do not want others to use. Or customize the functionality of the service. Set the same for everyone. Or policies to different users , for example. You can activate the call for your support team. Or only allow the marketing department to share your public Google Sites had.

4. Change your email business. Gmail

    Users you've added to your Google Apps account, you will receive e-mail addresses for the domain you specified when you created your account. Users can use this service with Google App Gmail if users use this email address to the email client then you must choose whether they want to change at any time. An email will be sent to the account Gmail (and stop sending the original application) until you resolve your domain's MX records to point to Google's servers, see the default for Gmail.

5. Use the resources made ​​available, and our training

    We have provided the information for your Google App deployment to the Department of you. To help get started, go smoothly. Users are advised to go to the Google App Learning Center to see the quick start guide and video tips for business users. And visit the site of the deployment plan to get started. Technical Guide And templates for creating your own learning center.

6. administrator rights to your IT staff

     No matter what size your organization. We encourage you to spread the responsibility for managing users and services to trusted users in groups. This action by the administrative rights to users. When administrators log into your Google App account will be redirected to the admin console, just like you. Users who are not administrators will not see the Admin Console, when you sign in. This will lead to a list of services that are managed.

7. Manage the publishing features for users of

    Google App is 100% web-based, so you and your users will get new features and updates automatically , without having to install or update software. You can keep track of upcoming releases easily through the release calendar or blog. The control that the new features will only be available for use at any time. In the release process for Google Apps.

8. Manage your mobile device remotely

    Using the administrative console to manage mobile users to enforce security policies for your mobile device. Wipe lost or stolen devices remotely, and so on.

9. track usage trends and

    Check that each service is active in the organization. By viewing graphs and usage reports in your admin console. Analysis of the interaction of the team. A form of security that is required. And other trends

10. Add a domain for free

    If your organization integrate new domain name. Or do business with multiple domains. You can add all your domains in the account at no additional cost. Then the user can have multiple domain credentials.The Shared Services As the only organization