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Updated: 27.04.2016 : 03:33  By: nongnooch

    Google Apps  Google Apps Business working principle is similar to Google Apps Standards of Web Mail, but looks very different. Is obvious. The security technology. And management systems, e-mail. Security system that makes it different than the Google Apps Standards. 

      Google Message Encryption to protect sensitive information during transmission. Whether it is personal or financial information which is proprietary property of the company. Make sure that the key to its destination safely. The encryption system for important e-mail communications.

      Google Message Security Safe from Spam, Viruses, Phishing before reaching the network of users. Without loss or interruption of mail services to meet the standards. To prevent a major financial and personal content using standard SSL or TLS protocol for the protection and processing 100% virus.

       Google Message Discovery and E-mail for as long as you want the system to maintain a secure email on google. Search E-mail to quickly find the store's needs during the day only with the information they need, for example, the sender, recipient, subject, content, or periods of time and other benefits that users do not need to add hardware. any further.

Package E-mail Google Apps Business

Google Apps Business
User Account
Email inbox size
25 GB /User
99.9% uptime
Google Apps
Email, calendar, docs and team sites
Google Apps
24/7 customer support
Google Apps
Support Mobile Device Management
Google Apps
15 วัน
1,290 / User
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