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Today we hear from Christoffer Lorang Dahl, Digital Director at SMFB, an advertising agency based in Oslo, Norway. In the 14 years since it was founded, SMFB has delivered award-winning campaigns for local and international clients including Geox, Ikea and Statoil. Read More
The origin of this story is started at Stanford University, the world class university. Many online innovation, e.g. Google or Yahoo! have a starting point of the history from here. Read more
After Google launched the GMail service in 1st April 2004,  the funcionalities of GMail seems to be talk of the town even it is opened for public few years after Hotmail and Yahoo. Read more
To help you and your employees be as efficient as possible, collaborate more effectively, and create beautiful, compelling content, we’re launching several new features in Google Docs,SheetsSlides, and Forms. Read on for more information about each! Read more
Google launch a new feather of Google translate. You can translate all the texts by just putting the camera lens on the targeted texts. Read more


We know that businesses today don’t operate in isolation; employees work not only with one another, but with third-party vendors, clients, customers, and other businesses as well—and often on a temporary basis. To keep your organization’s information safe in these situations. Read More
who is may wondered how a center of google to security keep file in Google Apps whether message in GMail Calendar files or another file in Google Drivewill be others to take or not Read More
On the Google Apps team, we wake up every day excited to work on products that are powering a fundamental shift in business technologies. Whole companies are moving into the cloud, where they rely on the same web-based applications their employees use at home: GmailGoogle CalendarGoogle Docs and Google Drive. We call this trend “going Google.”  Read more
Google Apps is service to another Apps of Google was outstanding in our domain name @ is why we need to switch to Google Apps Today, I have a story to And the ability of Google Apps to share it. In Headline ... 7 is the advantage of using Google Apps. Read More

Templates allow you to quickly and easily create files with specific purposes—for instance, you can pull together a project proposal in Google Docs, an invoice in Google Sheets, or a case study inGoogle Slides without spending unnecessary time or resources on formatting.  Read More

Growing up as a kid, my favorite basketball player was Magic Johnson. I wanted nothing more than to be able to watch him play in person, but unfortunately I never got the chance. Whether it’s a sporting event or a concert or even a family gathering, all of us have had the feeling of wanting to be somewhere we couldn’t. Read More
Google was born in the cloud, and we’ve set a high bar for what it means to host, serve, and protect our users’ data all over the world. That is why we are proud to add two new certifications to Google Apps for Work and Google Cloud Platform: ISO 27017 for cloud security and ISO 27018 for privacy. Read More

Google Drive เพิ่มฟีเจอร์ถูกใจ แชร์เอกสารแบบมีเวลาหมดอายุลิงก์ได้แล้ว

Google is investing some serious cash to ensure that its Drive cloud storage platform is never hacked.The company is setting aside an extra $1 million to fund grants for independent Drive vulnerability research in 2016. Separately, the company will continue to offer up to $20,000 to anyone who finds and reports and qualifying issue. Read More


Google claims there are over 425 million users of its free web email service, Gmail. Within that number are at least several million businesses that use a generic Gmail address to contact customers. Read More
At the beginning of July 2016, TEAM Group of Companies, Thailand biggest engineering consulting and management, officially launch Google Apps for Work on live. Google Apps is a mechanism to drive business reengineering and increase efficiency toward the digital organization. Read More
Sundar Pichai continues to make global news after becoming Google’s CEO. Stories about his past, schooling and college days are viral. Well at least in India they are. Here’s another story, or rather a speech by Sundar Pichai, that is being massively shared for the past few days. It’s a speech about the ‘cockroach theory’ for self development. Here’s how the theory goes Read More