G Suite : A new brand of Google Apps

Updated: 27.10.2016 : 12:53  By: Phannakorn

What makes G Suite different?

Five areas set G Suite apart, which is why research firm Radicati named G Suite the leader in cloud business email.

A cloud pioneer. Google is recognized as a trusted name and an industry leader in reliable cloud infrastructure.

Built for the cloud. G Suite was designed as an entirely cloud-based service from the ground up, so IT departments don’t need to spend time and money maintaining any desktop components.

A complete package. The suite includes file storage and sharing with Google Drive, real-time collaboration with Google Docs, video meetings with Hangouts and professional email with Gmail, all for one single price.

Consistency and comfort. G Suite users enjoy the same experience across different devices, operating systems and browsers, and many employees already use Google products at home.

Offline support. Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs let users view, edit and create content when they’re not on the Internet, syncing automatically when they reconnect.


Why should I pay for G Suite when Google offers similar products for free?

With G Suite, you'll receive a number of additional business-grade services not included in the free consumer product

professional email at your domain

additional storage across Gmail and Drive

24/7 phone and email support

99.9% guaranteed uptime

interoperability with Microsoft Outlook

enhanced security features

full administration of all user accounts.


If I only want one of the products, do I have to buy the entire suite?

Yes. G Suite is designed as an all-in-one solution with integrated tools that work seamlessly together.

  • you can receive a message in Gmail and instantly convert it into a Calendar event.
  • When you make a comment in Docs, Sheets or Slides, collaborators automatically receive email alerts.
  • With a single click, you can launch a Hangouts video meeting from your inbox or calendar.

Using these tools as a complete package improves productivity while giving your business the most value. However, you are welcome to purchase the suite and only use the services of your choice.


Is G Suite compatible with the email client I use today?

In addition to accessing G Suite mail from the Gmail web interface, you can send and receive mail from your favorite desktop client. Depending on the client, you can use either the IMAP or POP mail protocol. If you’re switching to G Suite from Microsoft Exchange or some other Outlook service, you can use G Suite Sync. This is a plug-in for Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 that lets you use Outlook to manage your G Suite mail, calendar and contacts—along with your Outlook notes, tasks and journal entries.


Can I replace my current software with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides?

We’ve found that many of our customers are able to eliminate their existing productivity suites and rely exclusively on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Docs, Sheets and Slides are productivity tools that let you create different kinds of files, including text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can work on them in real time with other people and store them online in Google Drive. They’re included with G Suite and work on any device.

Unlike with traditional desktop applications :

there’s no software to install.

They’re compatible with files made in other programs, such as Microsoft Office.


Can I get a domain through G Suite? Or host my website?

Yes. When you sign up for G Suite, you can purchase a new domain with one of our domain host partners. Once the domain is purchased, we automatically set up Gmail for your domain and give you full control over your domain's settings.

G Suite doesn’t host websites, but we partnered with companies who offer hosting and other site services that easily integrate with G Suite.


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