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Updated: 20.12.2016 : 02:55  By: Phannakorn

Consulting Help resolve Including tips on the use of corporate email effectively divided into two areas and is 1. Standard Package 2. Premium Package.

1. Standard Package.

Assisting in basic email client organization. The service will also allow customers to order free enterprise email us. The service follows.
1) to arrange for signing up corporate email systems. (Provisioning Information).
2) to verify ownership of the domain name service (Domain Verification).
3) Prepare a list of services for users. (Provisioning of User).
4) providing management, system-to-use e-mail (Switch of MX Record).
5) provides support, counseling and advice tips for corporate email systems.

2. Premium Package.

Assisting customers advanced corporate email. With the needs of the customer rather than the basic package. The additional services beyond the basic package below.
1) provides information management services users (User Management).
2) provide for the management of email users (Google Group Email Management).
3) provide remote configuration and troubleshooting email device users directly (Remote Config Email Client).
4) providing updated product information. And the latest news from Google (Product Update).
5) Invite activities on Google or the company held its first (Event Invitation).

The email client organizations, who want to use this service. Great service is up. The cost of only 25,000 .- / year order or email us 100 Accounts organizations to get free premium support model.

Google Apps customers, we provide solutions to help answer questions on the use of Google Apps for free !! You can contact us through two channels.

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