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Updated: 25.04.2016 : 05:12  By: nongnooch

Now Email Google Appsemail communication is important in action. which Google trying to develop continuously. for the purpose of easy to use email. , effective , quick and can send email anywhere. Mobile access to email via the Blackberry, iPhone and the Android operating system. Just connected to the internet. can access email easily
Google is also trying to improve the security of information technology to continuously. By a separate letter the Spam Mail out of inbox. Decrease confuse email in the Email Inbox
Email storage is large. So do not need to delete emails frequently. And the email is not lost from server.
Security for Google Mail. Google is focus on the level of data protection. Information for the user. Will be distributed to storage structure consisting of many computers are located in data centers of Google in many areas. The data is divided into sections. And make a copies stored on a server. so there is no risk that one system will cause data corruption. Each of those data patterns stored with the encrypted data can not be read by humans.
Google Mail is online web base. This means that users can access. Anywhere and anytime with internet connection and a form of processing that is to use apps. This will allow users to access these applications from the Internet. Using a technology called "Cloud Computing", it is important to make a difference from email systems generally.
Google has designed the system email 2 system is Google Apps Standards and Google Apps Business, which a both system is the difference.