Sateraito Office • Group Address Book

Updated: 05.08.2016 : 03:22  By: Nutthawadee

Service Overview

Sateraito Office Group Address Book for Google Apps"is the address book which can display your organization information in tree-view style. Please use it as your employee director or employee search function. Group Adress Book can be used to search users for email's To, CC, BCC or calendar's attendant etc...

Features Summary
・Display Groups in your organization (Using Google Apps Groups)
・Advanced search function (Search by Name, Email, Company Name, Department, title etc...)
・Each member's personal information's fields can be configured by administrator. (Department, Title, Extension Number etc...)
・Create emails for multiple members in Group Address Book.
・Use Group Address Book to search and add members to To, CC, BCC of Mail creation screen. 
・Use Group Address Book to find attendants for Google Calendar.
・Use Group Address Book to find users for Google Calendar Sharing, Google Drive Sharing, Google Site Sharing. 
・Hide unnecessary groups
・Change display order of members in Group
・Possible to show Resources like Meeting Room.
・Possible to display members out side of Google Apps domain (gmail, partner, customer etc...)
・Possible to display Group and members in your Contact.
・Shared Address Book function (Administrator register customers addresses to share with other members in domain)
・Favourite Groups.
・Users can register their own information (Mobile, FAX, address etc...)
・Register profile picture for each member.
・Upload users' information by using CSV upload. 
・Export users' information to CSV file. 
・Provide gadget for Google Site. 
・Support multilangage (English, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portugues, Japanese, Chinese, Korean 
・Support Smart Phone and Tablet View 
・Support Google Apps Multi Domain
・Organization information can be syned with Sateraito Office Single Sign On