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Service Overview

"Sateraito Office Document Management for Google Apps" provides document management feature for your Google Apps environment. Sateraito Office Document can support version control, permissions (create, delete, revise, download), approval routes for publication and many other features. 
(1)Run on Google App Engine, support smart phone view. 
(2)Provide gadgets for Google Site
(3)Workflow feature for publishing document
(4)Version management, access management, publication period, fulltext search, read/unread management 
(5)Migration tool to migrate data from Notes!

Features Summary

・Support virtual instance. Each virtual instance has its own database. Multiple virtul instances can be created, each instance can be used by a team, subsidiary or department. etc...
・Customizable document form. Support variaty input types such as text field, richtext, radio button, pulldown etc...
・Provide GUI tool to build document form.
・Provide GUI tool to build approval route
・Classify documents by Folder or Labels. ・View/Edit permission for each field in document form
・Attachment feature (up to 200MB and use Google App Engine storage)
・Full Text Search, Advanced Search feature.
・My Farourite feature
・Like! feautre
・News mark feature for news publication. 
・Document form can refer to master data
・Document permissions change before publication, in publication and after publication. 
・Publication period management function. 
・Version management feature (message for each change is logged).
・Printing form feature. 
・Log features (view, create, ,update, delete, download log)
・Workflow feature (a workflow process in order to pubish document, ISO standard).
・Integrate with Gmail ==> display document in email view. 
・Support multi languages (English, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
・Access control based on IP address
・File extension restriction. i.e. only pdf/jpg file can be uploaded.
・Google Drive integration (link document in Google Drive to Document Management system). ・Work in Google Site as gadgets
・Support Google Apps multi domain
・Predefined Document Templates
・Document Management backup Tool
・Published API for Document Management

• Full Text Search, Advanced Search, View function for each Folder, Label function for publish Folder

• Shortcut link to link between two documents/Display attachment in document/Richtext field to create html 

• Approval route for publishing document/Workflow function/Version management function/Publication Period.

• Permissions for each Folder: Read, Create, Update, Delete, Download persmision.

• Migration tool from Notes

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