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Updated: 05.08.2016 : 03:19  By: Nutthawadee

Service Summary

Sateraito Office My Portal Gadgets for Google Apps helps you to build portal site for your organization by providing suite of gadgets to add to Google Site
Announcement gadget, calendar gadget, gmail gadget, drive gadget, site list gadget and many more other gadgets to harvest all information in your Google Apps environment and place these inforamtion on your portal site.

Features Summary

・Provide suite of gadgets to help you build portal site in Google Site
・My Announcement List gadget
  →harvest information from Google Announcement sites. One gadget can list all inforamtions from all Google Announcement sites. 
・My Email Gadget(Inbox、unread, stars, and other labels)
・My Calendar Gadget 
  →You can add other calendars to keep track multiple calendars. 
・My Calendar with Maps Gadget
  →helps you to know your event as well as location of the events using Google Maps
・File Cabinet Gadget
  →List all files uploaded to all Google Cabinet Sites. 
・My Google Sites Gadget
  →List all your accessible Google Sites. 
・Google Document Gadget
  →List all your readable, writeable documents in Google Documents
・Google Drive Gadget
  →List your Google drive, provide search feature to search your google drive. 
・Organization Information Gadget
  →Display organization information and contacts
・Flowing Text Gadget
・Clock Gadget
・My Groups Gadget(List all groups that you belong in)
・iFrame Gadget
  →Help you to inject other website to your portal site. 
・Support Google Apps Multi Domains
・Support multiple languages (English, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)