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          Sateraito Office is a Google Apps Add-on solution that work on Cloud and can be integrated seamlessly with Google Apps environment which aim to increase high level security and control mobile phone, also there are Workflow, Document Management, Group Calendar, Group Address Book, Cloud CRM, etc, more than 20 add-on solutions are launched and those are worked on Google Sites 

These products are collaborated with Google Apps for Work. Therefore those are capable of using effectively, furthermore. 

These Add-on Service will substitute all document papers with electronics system with approval procedure and all reference documents with electronic system connected with Google Apps and run perfectly on Cloud systems.

Workflow, Document Management, Cloud CRM, will substitute all documents papers with electronics system with approval procedure and all reference documents with electronic system connected with Google Apps and run perfectly on Cloud systems.


Why Sateraito Office?

• These Add-on are from Japanese Company, Saterito Office with over 8 years experience in developing Add-on Solution for Google Apps Engine

• All of Saterito Office Add-on provide what Google Apps could not for example; control access to Google Apps 

• More than 25,000 clients in Japan in which takeing over 70% of add-on solutions market in Japan

• Guarantee the quality with the winner prize of "Google Cloud Platform Special Contribution Award" in 2014 


Add-on Services

Google sso

        ✔ Access Control for Google Apps (IP, Device MAC address, etc ... restriction)

        ✔ Create Seecurity Rule, Sync user information from Google Apps.

Group Calendar

        ✔ Display Group/ Organization of Calendar. More intuitive and useful!

        ✔ Register/ Share your favourite group of calendars.

Add on Chrome

        ✔ View contacts by Group/ Organization. More intuitice and useful!

        ✔ Create Shared Group Address Book.

Gmail Workflow

        ✔ Providing submission/ approval/ circulation workflow for reports, notes ...

        ✔ Serial/ Parallel Approval, Delegate Submission/ Approval, Discussion ...

 Google app engine

        ✔ A lightweight CRM system for Google Apps environment. 

        ✔ Manage companies, contracts, projects, activities information.

Google Workflow Management

        ✔ Create and Manage documents ( Attached file, Input Form Format etc..)

        ✔ List View, Access Log, Workflow function

Google workflow management

        ✔ Provide gadgets to bring your Google Apps information to your employees.

        ✔ List calendar events, emails, orgamization structure, files etc ...

Google bulletin board

        ✔ Bulletin/ Circulation for Google Site Gadget.

        ✔ Manage Unrread/ Read, published date setup, specify published group.

Gmail workflow

        ✔ Destination Plan/ Attendance Confirmation/ Message/ Shared TODO.

        ✔ Share, List View, Register favorite information.

Google App Engine

        ✔ Time management for Google Site gadget. Track arrival and leave time.

        ✔ Acquire IT info, export tracked data to CSV.

Add on Chrome

        ✔ Manage contacts and condition reports of employee.

        ✔ Alert administrator or all employees if someone updates information.

Google sso

        ✔ When open certain URL, switch from IE => Chrome or vice versa. 

        ✔ E.g. use IE for Google Apps, Chrome for Core Management System.


- Sateraito Office • Single Sign On for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • Worlflow for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • Document Management for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • Group Calendar for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • Group Address Book for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • Cloud CRM for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • My Portal Gadgets for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • Bullet in Board for Google Apps

- Sateraito Office • Expansive Form

- Sateraito Office • Shared TODO


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