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Updated: 13.09.2016 : 03:58  By: Nutthawadee

Service Overview

"Sateraito Office Single Sign On for Google Apps" provides security features for Google Apps environment such as access control based on MAC, UUID and IP addresses, Passwrod strengthening policy. Sateraito Office Single Sign On also helps administrators to easily manage users information, organization information, keeps these information consistent between on-premise AD and Google Apps environment. 
Single Sign On is deployed on Google App Engine as main service, and on AmazonEC2 as backup service.

Features Summary

Google Apps Users, Groups, Orgnizations management function. 
・Synchronize SSO Users with Google Apps Users and vice versa.
・Control access to Google Apps
 (IP address, MAC address, device UUID, browser type)
・Access control rules can be grouped as Profile ==> apply profile to each user or group of users. 
・Password strengthening policy (password length, password expiration, password history etc... ) 
・Access Log (Administrator can view and export to csv file)
・Synchronize with on-premise AD (Account, Group, OU)
・Synchronize AD password with Google Apps password in realtime
・Auto login to Google Apps when logging in to AD. 
・Support Google Apps multi domains. 
・Support multi languages (Engilsh, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc...)
・Integrate with other systems such as Salesforce, Dropbox, SugarCRM through SAML2.0 protocol
・Integrate with other Sateraito Office's services(Group CalendarGroup Address BookWorkflowDocument Management
Single Sign On for Mail Application (POP/IMAP, i.e Outlook) 
・Client Certification feature. 
・Two-Factor authentication, OneTime Password authentication
・Provide smartphone apps, Security Browser, for iOS and Android.(Sateraito Office Security Browser
  →For Smart Phone(iOS/Android
  →For PC(Win&Mac

・Single Sign On Published API