Sateraito Office • Shared TODO

Updated: 05.08.2016 : 03:20  By: Nutthawadee

Service Overview

"Sateraito Office Shared TODO for Google Apps" is built in Google And Engine, the same environment with Google Apps. Sateraito Office Shared TODO helps you to confirm availability of other members in organization, share tasks, memo. It's useful for receptionist. 
(1)Runs in Google App Engine
(2)Works in Google Site as Gadgets
(4)With simple action, you can register/confirm the availability, memo, task to other members.

Features Summary

・Availability Confirmation/Memo/Shared TODO for your google apps environment
・Register your availability, confirm the availablity of other members. 
・Favourite function
・Register memo of call for a member (notification email will be sent)
・Manage TODO list (your TODO, register TODO to other members)
・Manage TODO's progress, send reminder email
・Support Google Apps multi domains
・Support multi languages (English, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)