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Updated: 05.08.2016 : 03:21  By: Nutthawadee

Service Overview
"Sateraito Office Workflow for Google Apps" provides workflow function to your Google Apps environment. Sateraito Office Workflow is developed in GAE and deployed as a SaaS service. Sateraito Office Workflow can be used in Google Site as gadgets and integrates closely with GMail (view and approve application in gmail).
Saterauti Office Workflow can implement variaty types of workflow from simple workflow like leave application to completed workflow like conditional branching, linked multiple workflows.

Features Summary
・Can create multiple Workflow instances. Each instance has separate database.
  →For example: each subsidiary has different workflow instance.
・Variery input type to construct Workflow application form (Richtext type, date type, grid, radio button, option button etc...)
・Provide GUI to allow non-IT staff to build Workflow application form.
・GUI to build approval route (each application template has maximum 10 approval routes)
・Infinity processes in approval route
・Conditional branching workflow 
・Delegate Approval function
・Delegate Submission function
・Approval Group Configuration function. 
・Comment functions in application.
・Auto approval function 
・Skip approval function 
・Notification emails upon approval/rejection. 
・Discussion function in application 
・Form inpu validation function 
・Reference Master Data function (Application form can link to predefined master data)
・Edit permission of application form when in workflow progress. 
・Reminder function (send notification email if approvers forget to approve)
・Notification email upon specified users open the application 
・Attachment in application.
・Attachment preview function (Using Google preview function) 
・Link multiple workflows
・Full text search function
・Application printingform
・Work in Google Site as Gadgets. 
・Approve application in email 
・Report function (Using Master Data)
・Integrate with Google Calendar
・Smart Phone and Tablet view 
・Support Google Apps multi domains 
・Export data to CSV file 
・EDI tool to integrate with other systems
・Workflow publish API 
・Backup tool to download applications in HTML format 
・Predefined default application templates (64 items)
・Multi language support (English, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portugues, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
・Organization information sync with Single Sign On

Works in Google Site as gadgets

Customizable application form (support variaty input types from text, richtext to canvas, date)

Auto complete, auto calculation, digital sign

Can support Abstract Application or Report Application.

Inject application in gmail screen.

View for Smart Phone and Tablet