The Birth of Google

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The Birth of Google 
By Prof. Dr. Bunyarit Auyyananwara Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology in Thammasat University
Oh, the fans demand a lot. It became unbearable, I Time to find a little space to spare most of the day. The origin of the original spin Google came out a little I understand that many people would claim that it took to do (I recommend a cut-paste to it - say it - because if you actually asking to 0 and will be 0, of course, because the language that I used to write the following. is spoken here Non-reporting Read it took to compile a new report choruses own kids).
1. Sergey Brin and Larry Page.
Stanford University
Stanford University
The beginning of this story is Stanford University one of the best IT universities (Stanford, it's actually classified as top of the world in many others as well), this university. In addition to the birth of two great ideas online global Yahoo! University and Google, is the source of the computer we use is more even. Here is where you John von Neuman think and invent a computer that has the same architecture that we use here is. As the world's first (Though not the first computer in the world today - I am confused - is it me here. The world's first computer, ENIAC, a machine called a highly sophisticated Later, von Neuman, who was aiding in the creation of the ENIAC computer with I proposed that we should separate out the parts of the computer. Processor, memory and input data. The architecture is different from the first computer. And architecture is also used until today. Many institutions had regarded as the father of computer von Neuman ever) Oh! Stanford University talks about Ford's long-drawn yet. Set aside just before But for those who are enrolled in the benefit of Stanford lectures on this subject into Google's good. This paper will put it before
Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin
The story began the summer semester 1995 at the University of thing then Sergey Brin, one of the two founders of Google were just PhD students. The upcoming two years in the Department of Computer Science ordinary people who volunteered to help students Open House.
Larry Page
Larry Page
Typically, each year during the first semester of this. Universities would have welcomed visitors called Open House (in Thailand was seen with some university) is that those who are interested to study in the Bridge program where faculty where they will go for Open House. there's someone waiting to take the tour. Advice and recommendations Lab Review Board recommended teachers. As usual every year But this year, our second hero is Larry Page (Larry Page) also appeared at the Open House this year after degree Engineering from Michigan University came just now.
The two met because Larry Page went on a group tour with a tour group leader Sergey Brin fit. 
See that this is not like love at first sight. Because of the way the university and the city of San Francisco walking tours on both of these also have to debate at any time. Especially of the town of San Francisco.(??!!??) 
Page told me that back then I remember that Sergey Brin was a man of ideas rather be seized. SOPA was not to be near me. I thought to myself, it will be a detailed report stubbornly frequency. Incidentally himself (Page) and Sergey were the ones that were said Larry really is quite strange as I rarely argue uncompromisingly hardcore. (I wonder why I can argue all day) conclude two controversial issues of the day walking tours. Despite not coincide well. But both remember well be separated in the evening (oh! Plot to Thailand to film it. The hero and heroine meet for the first time will have to fight spat. People that hate But in my mind is)
2-3 months later, the university was open on Page came Prof. Terry Winograd Report and expert interaction between humans and computers. As Advisor And began looking for a thesis topic, father Larry Page (currently a professor in Computer Science at the University of Michigan) said that the PhD Thesis is like a frame. That will determine the future Our entire academic life. Before deciding to make a deliberate, well made Page a hard time in choosing thesis topics. Imagine, after more than ten see it. Finally, it came down to the World Wide Web itself.
Beginning of the small ideas.  It became an idea that changed the world through the Internet.  Origin of the software giant tree. It starts here ...
2. Internet, graph theory and BackRub Project
Page Post research on the web, it's true. But do not start looking for ways to find information on the web. But what I see is back. View the math over the web Page is looking like this ...
If that one server or website such or 1 computer is just point (Node, Vertex) one point ongraph and link such at . links to other web sites As well as the connection or Edge between those points that Page or simply see the Internet as the graph itself internet is graph (anything like this, it is called intuition. The Internet is a graph I do know)that our undergraduate students. On the Sci-Fi Usually have this type in Graph Theory แถวๆปีต้นๆ (which may confuse things a little bit. The graph may be familiar means. The graphs represent data as graphs, bar graphs, rather than linear).

Graph Theory

For example, suppose the graph each point. Instead, each computer And a line connecting the link for each.

But this time, try using a little imagination to see it. Of course, one web site. Links to hundreds of thousands of web and multiple web sites. A link to a Web site. And now we have the billions of web Therefore, the graph we use the Internet is a huge graph. And sophisticated There is a link to a related disorder like.
Page The study by itself is not long. He faced the entrance to ... 
Okay, this is our little way of graph theory (So I tried English bracket of Thailand as well. It has helped people familiar with the English in this subject. It's easier to see) this is the normal curve of the graph (Edge) to determine the relationship between the (Vertex), normally. We know that counts. From the point of an edge or a line to the other points, how many points and how many points haul for himself. But the page is not quite like that because that particular page. (Assuming one web page is one point in the graph), we know that. From where we are today It links to a page where it is, we know it's there. The number of edges that run out (Out Degree) from the border itself, a few lines. And where But as we know, this is it. There are some web pages that link to a page we do.
Oh confusing, right? I illustrate this, compare it wholeheartedly. If I ask you how many people you know. You may have to sit out the finger and so on. But you say that you know and like each other, I asked, "Did you know that someone in this world know you?" (Comparable to "know that the site is a link to where we are." ) the answer is not going to know that I have known about it.
Okay, start to visualize it. Think on this, too. That the page you are now reading it. Link to the page where the URL What if you press Back where I have it? Even if you press Back, you know, just one link that links to a page, but that might actually be a hundred more pages. A link to a page that we do not know the question is will we know it?
This is hard for me The Internet does not provide this information. This and that Page thought it would be good if we know. (Or at least How to know) who link for anyone who has a link to this page some people would prefer this issue Page. Into a PhD thesis And the name of the project that he "BackRub Project" (the "back rub" - oh! I translated a little or not so - no doubt that Page would want to know that when this shower. Rub my back to him - Oh! That over there)

Back Rub Project

Back Rub Line - I look forward to it. We never know who we're back rub.

From BackRub Projectgradually grow at the hands of students, two people share a bedroom dormitory as a Server and a programming has become a Google Project Program Search Engine tiny suction Resource Network of Stanford University, Ford has. Network speed is called the top of the track world to me ...


3. climb Web Crawler and PageRank.
Page Began to think We do not even know it. What links a web link to Maa. After learning about this not long ago (a few months) Page found that actually the subject of a link to a link of this document. There is a long time in academic circles. It is a matter of academic work that is normally. If any scholar What new theories out. Or discover what's new Or want to fix what is already there. It will publish their work in journals (Journal) by reference to the need to know the source of the work that has come before me. Or close It's so new knowledge published. A foundation of knowledge Has been proven (Published) so that academic work which has been referred to (Citation) often scholars from other academic works show that the piece was accepted as fact. In academic circles, there are indications that it works the other one is referred to much. We call this index, which references Academic Citation index that is a big deal. How big it It's big enough to have a department that deals with this by now. The Department of bibliometrics (I never learned it. But that seems to be the student journal or librarian or information - I'll come to that in Thailand, where I teach).

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An academic reference
Sergey Brin and Larry Page
Page and Brin started the project at Google sacred halls of the university. (Photo from the magazine WIRED)
 Back ground original of Brin is the a mathematician. At that stage he was an intelligent man. There is a Russian descent Born in Russia Whose father was a Russian scientist. The organization works at NASA and as a professor of mathematics. The University of Maryland (University of Maryland) by his family emigrated. Brin came to America at the age of just six years old, graduated Brin m. The first year residents. After completing a bachelor's degree Maryland came to Brin at Stanford University 's Brin himself was a need to look for a PhD project as well, but he chose to opt for nearly two years and was also a topic does not fit. He was familiar with the project of Page's interest. To do the math. Of this project Another reason is that I like Page (Han it! Like movies unmistakable Thailand).
The graph of the Internet automatically. Page was beginning to write small programs Crawler type up a one-bedroom at Page began writing this crawler pages worldwide, it is estimated at 10 million pages will be seen. But the link is here still untold. He is expected to climb to keep your Crawler automatically create a graph, then they may not know it. He wrote a little program that began in the bedroom. It is the most successful in the world of the Internet ....
Many people may not be familiar with the term, I extend a little Crawler Crawler is a small program into a program. Acting to pull up Web pages. Normally, the data show web site, we see this as just a plain text file or text information to me. (Press the menu view-> source view of a page that is not true), as well as IE or FireFox browser program receives this information, it will translate. And show what you see on the screen now, again).
After the program has been more crawlwer ago. It will extract data And links (to other pages) came out.
Assuming the page you're reading this right now. There is a link from it to approximately 30 Link News crawler, it will manage to link these queues lined up. Then climb out one by one as the link queue. Then retrieved it. Then separate the more traditional link Then the link to the next page, it will not be queued. Concatenation indefinitely to be retrieved in time to the next. Thus it was that I felt like a crawler, it slowly crept out from the beginning to the gradual increments.
And in March 1996 (just less than a year from the start of his studies) Page crawler let you make the first start. The climb from the pages of his own. On the website of Stan Ford thee crawler version of Page scaled the web to collect names and web data in the header itself but it is a very concrete, Google (which currently has. are Super sited timeless eternity upon a crawler to climb over it to collect all the information. Of every page), because it holds everything Sto. System resources such as memory or hard disk to be used to deal with these data. It must be enormous. And it was much more than a project of schoolchildren people.
A small program that was released from the bedroom dormitory people. Has become a phenomenon Largest After the invention of the Internet, however. Return it ....
4. From project to project BackRub Project Google.
Page and Brin got together to figure out a formula or method for calculating that rate how well each page
Page Rank
After his nickname Score system of structures that Pagerank (which wheel the two meanings, the first word that Page refers to the page or the name of his own) which mimic the scoring of reference of the results. academic Because he knew A reference to the papers do. Points are awarded Citation Index, however, and he was the subject of an increase and decrease with the extra points. If the link that links to a specific page. A link with a high score As the web is reliable. The web links He would have scored higher. If the sequence web presence. Web scored higher It is primary The web has a low score, it will be final.
Suppose now a link to the web academic. Com address in 1000 at the same link. A link to the Web, the boy g of Songkhla Province, only 10 links make now if only the number of links around the Web of Knowledge. Com will have a higher score than the web of the boy, and then if the Web academics. Com has. links to web of Science. the web of boys is also a link to the web of Science as well, so the web of Science also to excellent rating from the scholars. Communication over the web, the boy g with it. (ie not counting the number of links), but Google also made scoring. Each page of the Web This is going to continue until almost the whole world. Each of the page It's based on the page's link to it. The link to the page, it's up to the front of the link to find it earlier. Scores of pages that link to it earlier, it's up to the page it links to previously Previous indefinitely.
 Page Rank
For example, let's face instead of each individual site. The size of the face of the web.
Notice that the red top web is larger than the web in green below. Despite the incoming links from just one link orange, but orange is a high priority because the web. It has been linked by many. Web red above it. With reliable (If you website. Get links from the web that is acceptable. They will be accepted as well).
Compare simple as ever Web Ranking is like ranking the importance of people. Assuming that Thailand has the name you produce very many people conclude suppose you Longan A with longan B like it you Longan A is known around among preschool children in kindergarten 50 more people who know you Longan A While. there is only the third person is the Prime Minister Abhisit and Thaksin your Doctor Porntip only known longan B, but you can see that. People who know you longan B has been recognized by the whole country as well. The famous So when people search for you on Google longan you think Google will take your name lychee, longan, A or B, you are up before you answer is B, longan, lychee B because Google thinks you are accepted. From someone who has already been accepted. This is probably your Longan The user needs to find itself. (Like a web that has a big link to us. We were the better Several small Web site that links to us).
When two people give up this system. The two have not missed a lot of searching on the web. The thoughts in my head, there's that. To find out who links to a Web page, it (Allah Backlinks) by the two project Backrub this stage to get a link (URL) to a link, it will return a link that link. Ute (backlinks) all links to a given page. In descending order of importance (such as if the Web Release it to the web academic. Com and web boys g and other web links to Release a search results page scholars. Comments are located. on top of the web than the boys. etc.)
Which I found actually. It can be applied to a Search Engine would have to play after coming up with a graph of the web, the build-up to find that searching for information fast and incredibly accurate. Both species are also confused as to why. The idea is to use this Search Engine to not pop in my head from the beginning. It is exceedingly clear
After the trial, tune into the program Backrub Search engine to find information. On page one of the pages. (I believe they were just two normal subjects. The information in this document is not easy. It's not like my words but the words have to convert the format. Data into the matrix of the SVM with LSI (Latent Sematic Indexing - How is the strength) was rock bottom in the Department of Information Retrieval - but these two players learning about these kinds of as overnight). I found the results better search engine available at the time, such as AltaVista or Excite Search Engine which is very often the results. Rarely is all about looking for it. I live just a match. Regardless signal Or any other area of their new search engine. Not only that, the results are good, but the rating system will be better and better. Once the web grew The graph of the Web grew. Results will be better. I would have to rate each other a lot more of this to me.

Both Brin and Page knew I stumbled treasure. In the already monstrous ...

Search engine project by two students who ... was a clear shape. He started asking for donations of old computers that are not used on a server and then he started to raise money to buy more because now harddisk information clawler keep it growing.

Server of Google when 1998 The latter is still at Stanford from all donors (currently Google's Search Engine running on Linux Server Farm of more than 1 million units).

And Google's first version was released to the public. On the Web at Stanford University for the first time in August 1996 - just one year after the pair first met - just a few months from the start of the problem - Oh, George did not like!!!! Really smart!
Stay tuned for the next episode on Google's success that changed the world.
Thank you Prof. Dr. Bunyarit Auyyannawara of knowledge to the agenda for the GI Forum.

Edited and Translated new Dr. Varunyu Suchivoraphanpong is Chief Executive Officer company Demeter ICT corporation Limited (PCL) and President company Demeter ICT Limited